I’m here to help you nurture and celebrate the most soulful and devoted connection with your baby. Mindfully, beautifully, organically.
The world pivots on connections. Those we protect and those we create. And there is no connection on earth that replicates the one between mother and child. Stay with me, because I believe that together we can develop caring daily rituals with your child that run deeper than you ever thought possible.
The most enriching human connections come from those who are open-minded and in tune with their consciousness. I believe that is me. I believe that is you.
I am in awe of the transformational power that happens when we open ourselves to light and energy.
To Intention ~ Devotion ~ Transformation.
I believe in Nature + Purity. Formulation expertise + soulful alchemy. The fusion of love + purpose.
I am endlessly enthralled by what Mother Nature has provided us with to do this; the pure and wild ingredients needed to balance, restore and heal body and soul. The potential alchemy that taps into the most enlightening vibrational frequencies. The extraordinary things that can happen when you take a heart full of passion and use it to create extraordinary formulations that deliver honest results. After many years of perfecting my craft, I feel compelled to share this with you and for you to share this with your babies.
Collection Samuel came to life because I longed for botanically pure, lovingly made baby skincare that was guided by the principles of Reiki.
My passion for living things can be traced to my childhood ~ having grown up with parents who love ecological gardening, it was a natural step for me to study Horticulture. Following this, my curiosity led me to explore the intriguing world of Forestry. And a few years later, Herbalism and Naturopathy followed. With the incredible wisdom and knowledge I had gained, I was confident I knew how to use the best of what Mother Nature offers us to take care of my family, naturally.
During the pregnancy of my second son, Samuel, I encountered a further surge of strength and inspiration; my  inner fire guiding me to want to "save the planet and make a difference with my own passions and gifts". This impulse fuelled my mission to formulate and create botanical skincare and led me to specialize as a Formulator of organic skincare in UK.
I had this incredible new purpose ~ and I had to share this with other mothers. Mothers like us.
My dream was to develop a skincare collection for me and my baby that elevated the daily rituals of cleansing, bathing and caring for my precious children. That elevated the everyday into a co-creative act of something truly special and deeply sensorial. Something that set my heart ablaze.
I dedicated myself to studying, selecting and formulating incredible natural ingredients in order to create a library of skin-saving recipes to help calm, heal and nourish skin. Formulations and treatments that sparked a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Products that treated the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit to create profound relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Products for mothers like you who want the absolute best for their babies. Who want pure, organic, hand-made formulas that respect their baby, harness the healing powers of nature and work in ethical harmony with the environment.
No compromises, no false promises ~ just beautifully balanced formulations that have sensorial synergy and encourage magical skin-to-skin connection & deep devotion.
I don’t have a huge collection of fussy products. Just a considered, perfectly balanced edit of flawless formulations that may resonate with you.
A final glimpse into me
When I’m not researching potent ingredients around the globe, creating potions that bring some magic to mothers, or teaching my kids to see the beauty in simple things, I love to ride horses. I’m deeply passionate about dressage as well as natural horsemanship. Again, that unique magnetism for connection seems to follow me in every aspect of my life. Whether it’s the study of energy medicine, practising Reiki, or taking a simple stroll in a majestic forest, my place in the world is anchored in natural beauty.  And I hope to share some of that beauty with you too.
Stay grounded ~ Stay Connected ~ Shine your true colours to the world.   


Laila xo