Collection Samuel will help you nurture and celebrate the most soulful and devoted connection with your baby. Mindfully, beautifully, organically.

When a mother and baby’s skin touch for the first time, this magical moment marks the most precious memory of a lifetime. This first instinctive act of affection filled with gentle sensations and powerful bonds of attachment creates the foundation for unconditional love and is essential to the baby’s wellbeing. And we don’t see why it should stop there.

Touch is our deepest and most primal sense of connection ~ and one that we want to help you maintain.

Collection Samuel was created to nurture these bonds, continue the magical journey of skin-to-skin togetherness and enrich every mindful moment you spend with your baby. It has been created to harness the most exquisite pure and wild ingredients Mother Nature has provided us with and elevate the daily rituals of cleansing, bathing and caring for your babies into a co-creative act of something truly special and deeply sensorial.

Collection Samuel is a botanically pure, lovingly~made baby skincare line guided by the principles of Reiki. 

The core principles of love, consciousness, balance, peace and energy have guided every flawless formulation in the collection. Integrity, professionalism and transparency have guided every business decision we have ever made in bringing these beautiful products to you. This alchemy has given rise to a perfectly balanced edit of pure botanical products made from soothing oat, gentle jasmine flowers and chamomile:

  • Soothing oat bath
  • Oleo-calcareous liniment with jasmine
  • Nourishing baby oil ~ natural version
  • Nourishing baby oil ~ jasmine version

Discover them

Our superior quality products are all handmade in the Outaouais region in Quebec, Canada by Laila Wertwyn, the company's founder and certified botanical skincare formulator. 

Meet the founder

Exquisite, organic, hand-made formulas that respect your baby, harness the healing powers of nature and spark a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Products for mothers like you who want the absolute best for their babies; superior, safe and non-toxic solutions that soothe, comfort, heal, nourish and protect your baby's skin and deliver a profound feeling of serenity and relaxation.